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Max board size

450x660mm 18"x26"

Min trace Width

0.075mm 3mil

Min conductor spacing

0.075mm 3mil

Min hole diameter

0.20mm 8mil

PTH wall thickness

0.025mm 1mil

PTH hole dia. tolerance

±0.10mm 4mil

Non PTH hole dia. tolerance

±0.05mm 2mil

Hole position deviation

±0.05mm 2mil

Dimensional tolerance

±0.10mm 4mil

Min solder bridge

0.10mm 4mil

Twist and Bow


Insulation Resistance

>1012Ω Normal

Through hole resistance

<300Ω Normal

Dielectric strength


Current resistance


Peel resistace stregth


Soldermask abrasion


Thermal shock

288℃ 20Sec



O/S test Voltage



Single side PCB
Double side PCB
Multilayer PCB
PCB Assembly
Door control board
gate control board
sliding gate control board
stretches out and draws back door control board
swing gate control board
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